What better way to start your day with a few soaked Raisins. 

Didn’t your grandparents say that two bites of nutrition early in the morning is better than a whole day’s meal? 

Yes. It is highly advisable to consume soaked raisins early in the morning on an empty stomach.

The Best Quality Raisins available in India are made of different types of dried grapes. 

Raisins are rich in iron, copper, and Vitamin B complex. These dried grapes make life easier and skin healthier, enable quick digestion, and prevent Anaemia. 

Why are soaked Raisins healthier? 

In Indian households, Raisins such as the Indian green raisins are used to festoon the festivities. These are used as a garnish for desserts or even used in cooked food. But eating soaked raisins has extra nutritional benefits.

Dr. Anju Sood, a Bangalore-based nutritionist shares quite interesting facts about eating soaked Raisins. As opposed to munching on Raisins, eating them soaked is a healthier alternative. The number of nutrients absorbed by the body increases as the vitamins and minerals present on the skin of Raisins dissolve in water. 

Health benefits:

  • Keeps blood pressure in check 

People who suffer from high blood pressure due to overconsumption of salt are advised to eat soaked Raisins. The potassium content balances out the salt quantity in the human body. 

When soaked in water, Raisins act as Natural Fiber hence as a Digestion Booster. 

  • Helps in weight loss

If you’re suffering from obesity, one of the simplest steps is to eat 5-6 soaked raisins early in the morning on an empty stomach. It controls your blood sugar level and puts a stop to unnecessary food cravings. Enriched with Vitamin B and C, raisins also help in boosting immunity. 

  • Strengthens bone

Raisins contain a large quantity of boron, which is essential for the strength of bones. Rich in calcium, this dry fruit makes your knees and bones stronger and sturdier. 

  • Acts as a liver detox

Raisins improve the function of the liver and purify the blood. Drinking raisin water daily can also detoxify your liver. Dr Bhavsar suggests that Black Raisins eliminate toxicities from the blood. Black Raisins in India are mainly produced in Maharashtra.

Did you know that water-soaking raisins also have nutritional components? If you soak 100 grams of raisins in normal water, you get Sugar, fiber, proteins, and fat components in water. The water if consumed acts as an antioxidant, and is also good for heart health. If you’re suffering from constipation, then Raisin water can come to your rescue as it improves bowel movement. 

Among the leading suppliers of Raisins in India, Maharashtra ranks first. The state produces 81 percent of the total Raisin output of the country. Ranging from Nashik Golden Raisins, Black Raisins, to Sangli Golden Raisins